Distressed Asset Services

Distressed Asset Services

The current dynamics in the capital markets and
the economic downturn have combined to create extraordinarily challenging conditions for lenders and investors.

Lenders and investors require partners and service providers with the experience, capabilities, platform, and knowledge to successfully navigate an extraordinarily complex array of issues. Balance sheets, capital ratios, operating reserves, and long-standing relationships are strained from the difficulties of determining current asset values, regulatory scrutiny and mandates, replacing existing financing, enhancing collateral, generating liquidity, maintaining the physical integrity of assets, selling assets, and capturing market share in a tenant’s market.

For Lenders

For lenders, resources devoted to taking back properties, managing, leasing, and disposing of them detracts from the primary mission of making loans and serving customers. Kidder Mathews understands the importance of recovering maximum value from those assets, even though they may vary widely in type, quality and market area. The firm is equipped to assist our lender clients from the time a loan arrives on the “watch list” through foreclosure and disposition.

For Investors

For investors, the focus is on retaining existing tenants and capturing additional market share, and the critical balance of maximizing cash flow while maintaining the asset. Kidder Mathews’ professionals thoroughly understand the relationship of revenue, expenses and asset value, and can develop and implement a business plan for the property that integrates market knowledge with generating transactions and capturing the highest value for each dollar of expense.

Kidder Mathews has assembled a team of specialists from our Brokerage, Property Management, and Valuation Advisory Divisions that is experienced in the unique dynamics of distressed assets and ownerships. This team is dedicated to assisting our clients achieve the best possible results in an unprecedented real estate market.

Kidder Mathews is equipped to assist from the time a loan arrives on the “watch list” through foreclosure and disposition. We support our clients with a flexible menu of services and expertise including:

  • Valuation and appraisal
  • Assessing asset position in market
  • Asset inspection and reporting
  • Property management
  • Construction and development management
  • Marketing and leasing
  • Marketing and sale - single assets
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Transaction and liquidation management – multi-asset portfolios
  • Receivership
  • Debtor-in-possession

Kidder Mathews teams with accountants, attorneys, property managers, construction and brokerage professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience.

Comprehensive turnaround services include asset evaluation, property and asset management, accounting and financial reporting, marketing, leasing, asset and loan sales, construction, receivership and workouts and are provided under a single service platform, which:

  • Provides lenders and servicers with single point of contact;
  • Minimizes costs by eliminating duplication of fees; and
  • Ensures the fastest, most profitable recovery.
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