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Jon R. Walker

Senior Vice President, Partner

LIC # 01204666



No matter which side of a prospective commercial real estate transaction you need assistance with, Jon Walker can make the entire process easier, more profitable and far more strategically sound for you than you might have imagined possible.

With over 20 years of experience specializing in buying, selling and leasing commercial properties across the entire Sacramento region, Jon possesses a combination of market mastery and analytical know-how that truly distinguishes him from the competition. The recipient of numerous industry honors, he is prepared to work diligently to ensure that you have the most beneficial commercial real estate experience possible.

Jon is prepared to offer the following comprehensive services:

  • Tenant Representation: Prospective tenants will receive expert assistance in the areas of facilities planning, property identification, financial analysis of potential options, and lease negotiation.
  • Buyer Representation: Those interested in purchasing property will receive unsurpassed assistance in property searches, market analysis, financial strategies and negotiation of all terms of sale.
  • Landlord Representation: Owners seeking tenants for commercial properties will receive help in understanding current market conditions, skillful marketing to prospective tenants, qualification of potential tenants and expert negotiation.
  • Seller Representation: Those wishing to sell their property will be provided with the best in market analysis, pricing strategies, marketing techniques, screening of prospective purchasers and sale term negotiations.

Providing the Highest Level of Service

While commercial real estate is his area of expertise, providing unrivaled client service is his overriding mission. By taking the time to fully understand the vision, business needs and economic realities of our clients, he strives to exceed expectations in everything he does.

Given the critical role commercial real estate purchases, leases and sales can play in the life of any business entity, he takes his responsibilities very seriously.

Tenant Representation

If you are in the market for commercial real estate, but do not wish to purchase, retain the tenant representation services of Jon Walker, a well-seasoned professional with Kidder Mathews.

Becoming a tenant is far more complicated than simply signing a lease, and he is here to make it easy. He is ready to offer you the kind of comprehensive analysis, site identification and negotiation assistance that makes all the difference from signing a bad deal verses getting a great deal.

He has extensive experience with a variety of commercial spaces, including:

  • Office Space
  • Medical Space
  • Industrial
  • Retail space

Not only does Jon offer assistance with pre-search planning and market analysis, he also helps with facility identification and evaluation, fostering landlord competition for your business, financial analysis of each prospective property and final lease term negotiations. When it comes to securing a lease for a commercial property in the greater Sacramento area, nobody offers the type of skill and expertise that he does.

Buyer Representation

Purchasing commercial real estate of any kind is a monumental decision that carries potentially serious implications for any business. For this reason, it is crucial that you seek professional guidance during this time. When you work with the market-leading expertise offered by Jon Walker, you ensure that you will make a smart decision.

His support is based on solid market research, savvy analysis and in-depth knowledge of regional trends.

Buyers who seek representation with him can expect to receive:

  • Assistance in identifying a wide range of potential purchase options.
  • Help in attracting the attention of eager sellers.
  • Negotiation of deal terms that you want to achieve.

Once your transaction has closed, your relationship with Jon will continue to be beneficial, as he is committed to providing ongoing market updates and consulting services as needed.

Landlord Leasing Representation

If you own commercial real estate in the Sacramento area, securing a consistent source of qualified, financially stable tenants to occupy your investment properties is extremely important. Of course, one of the keys to getting the most profit from your properties involves gaining a true picture of the current market and how that will impact your bottom line.

By aligning yourself with Jon Walker, you will have a wealth of knowledge about market trends, tenant data, marketing strategies and negotiation techniques at your disposal.

His vast expertise reaches to include representation of landlords who own:

  • Office Properties
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Medical Offices
  • Distressed Properties
  • Commercial zoned land

Your commercial properties are likely among the most significant investments in your portfolio, which means you need to retain aid of a seasoned industry veteran who can maximize all opportunities.

Seller Representation

When the time comes to sell your commercial property, make sure you start off on the right foot. The best way to maximize your profits and get everything you want from your major investment is to seek the help of a seasoned industry professional.

The uncompromising service and market knowledge provided by Jon Walker can make an otherwise stressful experience something that is very rewarding. He works closely with you to ensure that your property is promoted in the best way possible.

Among the services he offers to sellers include the following:

  • Education on current market trends and conditions
  • Assistance and methodology for properly pricing and positioning the property
  • Marketing strategies intended to attract the largest number of qualified buyers
  • Support with assessing potential buyers
  • Negotiating sale terms and concluding the transaction through close of escrow
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