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Matt McLennan



Investment Services

A real estate investment is a leased or a majority leased property that is intended as a purchase for investment purposes as opposed to being purchased for an owner occupant. Additionally, in a case where an owner/occupant of a building desires to sell a property but will retain a long-term lease, such a transaction is called a sale leaseback and is also considered and investment.

Every investment property requires a custom marketing approach since the product type and dollar amount of the investment determines the appropriate pool of investors. We can offer the following services of each investment property.

  • Argus financial analysis
  • Market rate and comparable sales comparison
  • CAP rate comparison and determination
  • Web based property marketing
  • Net operating income and cash flow analysis
  • Tour coordination
  • Inspection coordination
  • Competitive bid or straight sale coordination
  • Complete market coverage to all potential investors through our investor database

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