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Aaron Kraft

Vice President


Tenant Representation Services

Good representation during the renewal or relocation process will save a Tenant significant time and money over the course of a lease term. Aaron’s representation services don’t start on the first tour, nor do they end when the lease is signed. It’s a relationship that strives to anticipate changes in the market and continually sets his clients up for success in the coming years.

Benefits of proper representation include:

  • Education on market conditions (i.e. concessions that landlords are providing, off-market opportunities, and understanding of the competition)
  • Lower occupancy costs over the course of a lease term
  • Drive leverage in negotiations
  • Help plan for changes in the market
  • Serve as buffer between Landlord and Tenant
  • Settle disputes that arise even after the lease is signed

Lease Renewal Representation
Multi Market Representation

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