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Doug Klein, SIOR, CCIM

Senior Vice President, Partner


Multi-Market Representation

Many companies with multiple locations approach their real estate in an uncoordinated, reactionary basis. They handle each real estate decision separately and are usually behind in time. Brokers are often selected without much qualification. The results are often less than ideal and are handled in a non-uniform manor. We coordinate the entire real estate process for corporations totaling over 900,000 square feet in 22 markets. Our Kidder Mathews, SIOR, and extended network allows us to identify, qualify, and cooperate with the most suitable and experienced brokers in each location. We are able to select any broker from any commercial company, unlike any of the national firms.

Lease Management

We review and program all of the important dates of your leases. We provide timely notification of rental increases, options to renew, options to terminate, and lease expiration information. Many tenants miss out on valuable options by simply missing the window to exercise those options.

Single Service Provider

By using Kidder Mathews, you receive a superior and consistent level of real estate service in all of your market areas. Unqualified brokers are weeded out through our Kidder Mathews and SIOR extended network, helping you obtain superior brokerage service and expertise in all of your market areas. By choosing Kidder Mathews to assist in your multi-market needs, you are ensured the highest level of local broker capability, uniform reporting, and uniform financial analysis. These services come at no cost to you because our fees are paid by landlords when transactions occur.


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