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Doug Klein, SIOR, CCIM

Senior Vice President, Partner


Landlord Representation

When considering a sale or lease of a property, the goal is always to close the sale or lease at the highest price in the shortest possible time. In the case of a lease, identifying a tenant that will fulfill their lease obligations is also crucial. In order to accomplish those goals, the real estate listing agent must provide the following attributes:


Nobody wants to hire a broker who will just put up a sign and then see what happens, but often this is the approach taken by many Brokers. Doug Klein provides the effort necessary to accomplish your goals. He understands that persistence is often the key to completing a transaction, therefore he consistently implements all appropriate marketing tools available in a regular scheduled basis to ensure that the property is well circulated.


In real estate transactions, something unique and unexpected often seems to surface. Eventually, a decision must be made that is crucial to the outcome with a transaction due to these unforeseen events. An experienced broker can often see these hurdles in advance so they can be avoided or advised correctly. Experience is often the difference when making correct and appropriate real estate decisions and foreseeing potential problems. Nothing can replace years of experience as a specialist in one particular market.

Communication Skills

"I never hear from my broker". This is the most common complaint of property owners about their listing agent. We understand the urgency of landlords and the need to communicate. Doug will provide you custom communication procedure to suit your needs as a landlord.

Process Oriented Approach

Most brokers employ a fly by night approach to marketing a property. Our approach is systematic; the emphasis is upon assembling the necessary materials up front so that there are few surprises at the end of a transaction. We then progress through a series of marketing targets and objectives. Following the process ensures the best results with the least amount of surprises. Please see the flow chart below for the marketing of a building for sale which outlines our system:

Download a Building Sale Process Flow Chart


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