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Kenneth T. Hirata

Senior Vice President, Partner


Career Summary

Ken Hirata has been a commercial real estate broker since 1978, specializing in office leasing and investment sales (primarily office buildings). Mr. Hirata has been responsible for negotiating sales and leasing of numerous office projects in the Seattle and the surrounding areas. Mr. Hirata has also represented hundreds of tenants in their relocation process.

Ken has closed over 1,500 transactions involving tenants or investors of office and warehouse buildings in the Greater Seattle market.

Ken is a senior vice president and partner at Kidder Mathews.


Ken attended the University of Washington and received a Bachelors of Arts degree in business administration in 1978.

Representative Sales Transactions

King County Library Distribution Seattle 83,810 sf
Mariner Square Seattle 78,212 sf
Northway Square East Seattle 77,811 sf
Queen Anne Station Seattle 71,648 sf
Shining Ocean Seafood Seattle 71,600 sf
Queen Anne U.S. Post Office Regional H.Q. Seattle 69,000 sf
Perkins Building Tacoma 63,517 sf
Canal Place Office Park Seattle 61,674 sf
Griffin Envelope Seattle 53,200 sf
Pacific Systems Kirkland 51,000 sf
Salmon Bay Landing Seattle 40,558 sf
Leilani Lanes Seattle 39,394 sf
N.W. Millworks Seattle 39,285 sf
Oak Tree Village Office Whidbey Island 39,000 sf
The Mountaineers Building Seattle 38,760 sf
Fremont West Seattle 35,946 sf
Ward’s Cove Seattle 34,769 sf
Clements & Rice Seattle 33,500 sf
Wallingford Plaza Seattle 28,995 sf
Employment Securities Burien 28,952 sf
Dupont Gateway Tukwila 28,403 sf
Thornton Creek Professional Seattle 27,029 sf
Meridian Center Seattle 26,610 sf
Cascade Bingo Shoreline 24,020 sf
Nickerson Business Center Seattle 20,000 sf
Canal 3600 Building Seattle 18,220 sf
Pacific Institute Seattle 17,193 sf
10202 5th Avenue NE Seattle 16,985 sf
The Wharf Building Seattle 16,023 sf
Redhook Ale Building Seattle 15,954 sf
DSHS Office Renton 13,416 sf
Magnolia Court Seattle 10,802 sf

Representative Lease Projects

1000-1100 Dexter Building Seattle 211,077 sf
West Lake Union Center Seattle 199,000 sf
Northgate Executive Center Seattle 198,481 sf
Queen Anne Square Seattle 146,950 sf
Jefferson Square Seattle 142,259 sf
Canal Place Office Park Seattle 131,000 sf
Market Street Center Seattle 124,000 sf
The Burke Building Seattle 95,300 sf
Northway West Office Building Seattle 83,361 sf
The Path, Violet, & Anne Buildings Seattle 80,000 sf
Northway Square East Seattle 78,200 sf
9401 Aurora Seattle 77,600 sf
Queen Anne Station Seattle 71,648 sf
1455 Leary Seattle 70,080 sf
Quadrant I-5 Corp. Center Everett 68,575 sf
First West Building Seattle 66,470 sf
701 Dexter Building Seattle 61,528 sf
Denny & Terry Building Seattle 55,000 sf
Northgate Meridian Building Seattle 47,000 sf
Lake City Center Seattle 46,038 sf
Northgate Office Building Seattle 45,700 sf
Mariner Square Seattle 40,000 sf
Le Clercq Marine Construction Seattle 37,750 sf
Salmon Bay Landing Seattle 36,839 sf
Western Pioneer Seattle 34,813 sf
Athletic Supply Building Seattle 33,000 sf
Fremont West Seattle 31,866 sf
1319 Dexter North Building Seattle 31,000 sf
Lake City Professional Center Seattle 29,320 sf
Fisherman's Terminal Seattle 28,500 sf
Fishermen's Commerce Building Seattle 28,000 sf
Lake Union Uplands Building Seattle 27,650 sf
Madison Square Seattle 25,995 sf
Nickerson Business Center Seattle 25,456 sf
Meridian North Office Building Seattle 22,346 sf
AEI/REI Building Seattle 21,800 sf
Wallingford Plaza Seattle 20,000 sf
The Wharf Building Seattle 16,596 sf
10202 5th Avenue NE Seattle 16,023 sf
Nickerson Marina Seattle 15,499 sf
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601 Union Street, Ste 4720
Seattle, WA 98101