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Janice Hennessey

Vice President

LIC # 01464169


Career Summary

Janice Hennessey has been active in the San Francisco/Greater Bay Area commercial real estate market since 2007. Prior to joining Kidder Mathews in the beginning of 2007, she was associated with CBRE and worked in the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

Ms. Janice Hennessey specializes in working with life science, clean-tech, medical and technology companies, as well as investors and developers, with extensive experience representing landlords, tenants, and owner/users. Furthermore, she has experience with office to laboratory conversions in tight markets and with building conversion and rehabilitation advisory, and she is well versed with zoning regulations for laboratory, medical, and residential development uses.

She has participated in sales of properties totaling in excess of $454 million and represented leasing, sales and consulting projects totaling over 7.3 million square feet since starting her commercial real estate career 10 years ago. Janice has extensive experience working in Mission Bay and the Dogpatch neighborhoods and practices Bay Area wide. She has worked with the largest science and technology developer; Alexandria Real Estate Equities on their 2.7 million sq.ft. sustainable project in Mission Bay San Francisco and participated in the successful leasing and the disposition of land to Salesforce.

Ms. Hennessey is also involved in the firm's Life Science and Clean-tech Practice Groups, served on BayBio's Gene Acres and Real Estate Survey Committee, participated in the San Francisco Bay Area Healthcare Club, Venture Capital Taskforce, volunteers for the National Kidney Foundation and served as the 2011 National & California Alumni Chair for the Cleantech Open.

Selected Project Experience

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Mission Bay Project 2.7 Million SF Real Estate Equities 14 Acres
595 Mariposa Development, Dogpatch 20 Units
Nektar Therapeutics - Disposition Consulting Mfg. Fac. 140,600 SF
Pfizer/Alexandria Real Estate Equities 105,000 SF
Vela Corporation - Porfolio Sale 87,000 SF
Bristol Myers Squibb - Laboratory/Vivarium Sublease 69,512 SF
Avigen - Laboratory/Vivarium Sublease 67,482 SF
Bayer Healthcare/Alexandria Real Estate Equities 59,104 SF
UCSF/Alexandria Real Estate Equities 58,992 SF
Celgene/Alexandria Real Estate Equities 52,642 SF
Amgen Sublease - Laboratory/Vivarium Sublease 52,416 SF
Amgen Sublease - Laboratory/Vivarium Sublease 50,688 SF
Bristol Myers Squibb - Laboratory/Vivarium Sublease 44,280 SF
InSite Vision - Laboratory Sublease (20,254 SF, 18,869 SF) 39,123 SF
Sirna Therapeutics (Merck)/Alexandria Real Estate Equities 37,450 SF
Nektar Therapeutics - Laboratory Sublease 32,418 SF
Verde Pacific Investments - Laboratory/Vivarium 32,000 SF
QB3@953 Indiana - Laboratory 24,000 SF
Arriva Pharmaceuticals - Laboratory Sublease 21,458 SF
Guardian Investment Capital - Land Sale Residential Development 20,000 SF
Dave Sawle Properties - Laboratory/Medical Office 20,000 SF
Clovis Oncology/Alexandria Real Estate Equities 17,195 SF
Vela Corporation - Medical Device Laboratory 15,000 SF
Vaxart, Inc. - Laboratory 11,221 SF
A-Cube, Inc. - Laboratory Incubator 6,300 SF
Abbott Laboratories - Office Sublease 1,725 SF
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101 Mission Street, Suite 2100
San Francisco, CA 94105

Select Client List

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Advanced Biosystems
  • Alexandria Real Estate Equities
  • Alion Pharmaceuticals
  • Amgen
  • Arriva Pharmaceuticals
  • Avesta Development Group
  • Avocent, Inc. (Emerson)
  • BetaStem Therapeutics
  • Bio Architecture Labs
  • BioMed Realty Trust
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Clarity Polymers
  • Crystal Clear Technologies
  • DripTech, Inc.
  • Embarcadero Capital Partners
  • GE Healthcare
  • Guardian Investment Capital
  • Harsch Investments
  • Huge Designs
  • Lake Pharma, Inc.
  • Microvi Biotech
  • Minifab
  • Multispan
  • Nanolyte
  • Nektar Therapeutics
  • OncoMDx
  • Osprey Pharmaceuticals
  • Point Source Power
  • Primity Bio
  • Realtex Development
  • Roberts Golden Consulting
  • Rubicon Programs
  • Volochem, Inc.
  • Vaxart, Inc.
  • Serplus Technologies
  • SIOS, Inc.
  • Sonic Rim
  • Tsung & Virmani Medical Group