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Zach Francis

Senior Vice President, Partner


Career Summary

2008 - Present: Kidder Mathews, Portland, Oregon

2006: Cresa Partners Commercial Real Estate, Portland, Oregon

Zach is a senior vice president and partner at Kidder Mathews with extensive commercial real estate experience in the Portland Metropolitan area. Since 2008, Zach and his team have closed nearly 10 million square feet of industrial transactions with a total value in excess of $500 million. This transaction volume and intimate knowledge of the Portland area industrial properties allows Zach to add tremendous value when representing local and national firms to fulfill their real estate requirements. Zach specializes in industrial properties and represents both tenants/buyers, as well as institutional and local owners.

Prior to joining Kidder Mathews, Zach held a position at Cresa Partners in Portland, where he assisted in providing corporate real estate services to Portland area companies.

Select Transactions

  • 36,916 sq. ft./$3.5 million sale to West Side Christian High School (represented Buyer)
  • 69,000 sq. ft./$4.3 million investment sale to Dutton Aspen LLC (represented Buyer)
  • 30,850 sq. ft. lease to Craftsman Label, Inc. (represented Tenant)
  • 150,000 sq. ft./7.5-acre build-to-suit transaction representing J&D Refrigerated Services/Wymore Transfer (represented Buyer and Seller)
  • 37,000 sq. ft. sale to Transco Industries (represented Buyer)
  • 36,000 sq. ft. sale to Allwood Import LLC (represented Buyer)
  • 465,000 sq. ft./52-acre build-to-suit/sale and leaseback transaction to The Home Depot (represented Buyer and Tenant)
  • 475,146 sq. ft. portfolio sale for TA Associates (represented Seller)
  • 516,000 sq. ft. lease to Rite Aid Corporation (represented Tenant)
  • 280,122 sq. ft. sale for Rudie Wilhelm Company/Alpine Foods, Inc. (represented Buyer and Seller)
  • 177,730 sq. ft. lease for International Airport Centers to CoreMark International (represented Landlord)
  • 78,375 sq. ft. lease to West Coast Metals (represented Tenant)
  • 90,408 sq. ft. lease for International Airport Centers and PCC Structurals, Inc. (represented Landlord and Tenant)
  • 18,150 sq. ft. lease to Multnomah County, Oregon (represented Landlord and Tenant)

Specializing In

  • Tenant/Buyer Representation
  • Industrial Landlord/Seller Representation
  • Business Park Marketing Services


  • B.A., US History, Whitman College


  • 2010 Commercial Association of Realtors "Rookie of the Year," Winner
  • 2010 Kidder Mathews "Rookie of the Year," Winner
  • Co-Star Power Broker for Leasing Transactions
  • Co-Star Power Broker for Sales Transactions
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101 SW Main Street, Suite 1200
Portland, OR 97204

Select Client List

  • Allwood Import
  • American Property Management
  • Bentall Kennedy
  • Craftsman Label, Inc.
  • Crescent Electric Supply Company
  • Hanson Pipe
  • IndCor Properties
  • Intercom Packaging
  • Multnomah County, Oregon
  • National Glass Industries
  • Nova Wood USA
  • Pacific Realty Associates
  • Summit Properties
  • Tim's Cascade Snacks
  • Transco Industries
  • Wellmade Flooring
  • West Side Christian High School


  • Commercial Association of Brokers
  • Commercial Brokers Association
  • Whitman College Alumni Association
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association
  • Riverdale School District Foundation Member