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Mike Denevi

Senior Vice President

LIC # 00843926


Career Summary

Mike Denevi joined Kidder Mathews, after working 28 years at rival Silicon Valley brokerage firms. Prior to working in commercial real estate sales, Mike gained valuable experience as a project manager for a Sacramento based development company and as a principal in a family owned business.

Relationships developed over his lifelong Silicon Valley presence account for much of Mr. Denevi’s success. His background in development provides him with a unique perspective and the ability to represent clients in all phases of the real estate process. He has sold more than 2,200 acres of land and leased or sold more than 3 million square feet of building space.

Mr. Denevi has been fortunate enough to have worked on several large and complex land transactions that involved governmental entitlement processing, which in turn led to successful development projects and/or client disposition of assets. In 2004, Mr. Denevi completed a six-acre land sale from the Carroll Family to Synergy Partners, concluding a 15-year project that included two General Plan changes; a State Assembly bill authorizing a land swap with the city of San Jose and various issues with the Army Corps of Engineers; a riparian corridor; a landfill; and additional neighborhood concerns. In a challenging market, Mr. Denevi represented the buyers and sellers in the sale of 14 acres of San Jose land in early 2009. The property is located in an area the city deemed outside the urban development boundary. During more than three years of escrow, the buyer obtained a general plan amendment, planned development rezoning and approval of a final map for 40 homes.


Mr. Denevi graduated from Santa Clara University. He was captain of the Santa Clara University baseball team and was chosen to represent the United States in the 1974 World Baseball Games. Following graduation, Mr. Denevi spent four years with the Kansas City Royals Baseball Club. His professional/amateur athletic experience has been beneficial in preparing him for competing in the real estate arena.

Partial List of Transactions

  • 110 acres, Los Gatos: UC Regents sold to SummerHill Homes
  • 51 acres, Almaden Winery, acquired by Dividend Development
  • 25 Acres, Helzer Ranch, acquired by Santa Clara Housing Authority
  • 20 acres, Edenvale: assembled by San Jose Legacy Partners
  • 20 acres, San Jose: disposition by Burke Industries
  • 17 acres: disposition of the Wool Packing Company
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10 Almaden Boulevard, Suite 550
San Jose, CA 95113