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February 19, 2014

San Francisco targets Chinese buyers

The Move Channel

Dan Johnson

Chinese buyers have increasingly been investing in US real estate, as the country's recovery combined with China's own economic uncertainy has encourage investors to look overseas for more favourable opportunities.

Now, a new partnership between Kidder Mathews, a San Francisco-based commercial real estate firm, and China's Tsinghua Real Estate CEO Chamber of Commerce, a non-governmental organization made up 3,000 real estate company members, aims to bring Chinese investment into the San Francisco area.

"This will act as a bridge for Chinese business investment that wants to come to the Bay Area," said Skip Whitney, executive vice-president of Kidder Mathews, which opened a dedicated cross-Pacific China Services Group in 2012.

"CSG is uniquely situated to help Chinese investors since we have Chinese Nationals in our company, which allows us to communicate in Mandarin and allows the investors to feel comfortable in understanding the local customs and challenges in doing business in the US," Whitney told the China Daily.

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