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July 28, 2017

Google is eager to buy Silicon Valley real estate for the company to lay the foundation for expansion

China Daily

Yu Lina

As rival Apple is about to launch a new headquarters in Silicon Valley, Google is also buying speculators in Silicon Valley, like speculators, to buy real estate in Silicon Valley. Which laid the foundation for another large-scale expansion of the technology giant Silicon Valley business.

According to the Silicon Valley Business magazine, Google bought 52 properties in Sunnyvale, a real estate development partner CBR, for $820 million, about 4 miles from Google Mountain View headquarters Miles away. "This is a huge land plunder and is an important reorientation of Sunnyvale," said Chad Leiker, former vice president of commercial real estate brokerage firm Kidder Mathews."

For a long time, Sunnyvale is Yahoo's headquarters. But in recent years, Silicon Valley in the local purchase or lease a number of small office park. The purchase of the move, you can fill the gap between these parks. About a month ago, Google won the exclusive right to negotiate with San Jose, buying 16 pieces of land near the San Jose Convention Center and the hockey field.

Upon completion of these acquisitions, members of the Bay Area Google will be able to spread to work from the vast area of San Francisco to San Jose, while Google rivals Apple and Facebook employees still need to be together. Google to do so part of the intention is for the local traffic congestion problem. Earlier this year, the congestion in the region was rated No. 3 in the US, second only to New York and Los Angeles.

Google Monday released data show that the company currently has more than 72,000 employees. Google needs to find more office space, to accommodate more employees to maintain the company's operating growth.

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