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March 15, 2016

Google submits updated plans for iconic office complex in Mountain View

Silicon Beat

George Avalos

Google has submitted new renderings for what would be a landmark office complex in Silicon Valley, potentially a striking addition to the tech titan's facilities in north Mountain View.

Mountain View Renderings

Mountain View-based Google's Charleston East office center would be a vast tent-like structure that potentially could contain 3,000 employees of the search giant once it's complete.

"The design of Charleston East includes a large canopy that regulates indoor climate, air quality and sound," Google stated in a filing with the city of Mountain View.

The project would total about 600,000 square feet of office, research and retail space. The city is in a relatively early stage of reviewing Google's proposal.

"Integrating and respecting nature, fostering a sense of community, and reflecting our company's culture of innovation through bold infrastructure and architecture" Google wrote in papers filed with the city. "Our goal is to create a highly flexible workplace that can not only adapt to Google's evolving business needs but also serve as a destination for the local community."

The search giant's decision to push forward with its plans in north Mountain View is a reminder that big technology companies in Silicon Valley are still in an expansion mode, despite some uncertainties that have emerged of late about the Bay Area and national economies.

"The main tech players are doing well," said Chad Leiker, a broker with the San Jose office of Kidder Mathews, a commercial realty firm. "The leaders will continue to lead, even if there is some fallout and consolidation for some smaller firms."

Besides Google's ongoing expansion in an array of Bay Area markets, Apple has forged ahead with construction of its new spaceship campus in Cupertino as well as a big second campus in north San Jose.

"The big tech companies like Google and Apple are positioned to grow, they will continue to expand into new offices and hire more employees," Leiker said.

Google intends to tie the Charleston East project to the company's existing Googleplex headquarters, as well as to Mountain View in general, the company stated in its filing with the city.

"Charleston East's circular building footprint will allow for the site to open up and activate the streetscape, creating an animated plaza under the canopy with public spaces such as retail shops, restaurants, farmers markets and local pop-up stores," Google stated to the city.

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