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October 31, 2015

New Kidder on the block

The Sacramento Bee

Bob Shallit

New Kidder on the block

This week's conversion of Sacramento's Voit Real Estate Services offices into a new outpost for Seattle-based Kidder Mathews is seen as a huge opportunity for the 10 commercial brokers making the move.

For one thing, Kidder has Bay Area offices, allowing local brokers to get referrals from colleagues there. Voit, in contrast, had no Bay Area presence and wasn't likely to expand there or anywhere else.

As top Voit investment specialist Steve Tyrrell put it, "If you're not growing, you're dying."

The other big advantage of a Kidder affiliation is that company's commission system, considered one of the most generous in the industry. Under the low-overhead Kidder structure, brokers split their first $125,000 in commissions equally with the company, then take 90 percent of any amount over that.

"It's a phenomenal arrangement," Tyrrell said. The impact on the local market? Tyrrell expects that sort of "split" to entice some of the region's top brokers to migrate to the Kidder operation.

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